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welcome to the 

[brooklyn art's collective]

a creative community for: connecting | collaboration | workshops & more.

our mission

Formerly known as The NYC Women's Art Collective, we decided to rebrand to The [Brooklyn Art's Collective] to further our dedication to inclusivity within our community of artists and creators.

Our mission is to encourage, strengthen and ignite artists who are so bravely in pursuit of their dreams. Committed to the spiritual, emotional, and physical health of all, we are focused on creating a  judgment-free, safe space for creators to connect, explore, and share their art at every stage of creation. We believe in the value of companionship, and the power of collaboration over competition.


In previous years,  we focused on building community through our monthly meetings, weekly artist features, and supporting creator events. This year we're shifting focused on how to best educate and guide others by teaching workshops here in brooklyn. Starting with our Kid's weekend workshop coming up this October. 

the team

Sofia is an Actor, Model, & Photographer, Author. Based in Brooklyn NYC. 

Previously Creative content Brand Director for The Children's Place brands. (TCP, Gymboree, Sugar & Jade, and PJ PLACE.)


Previously: Creative Producer at : INCLINE PRODUCTIONS, a full-service Film/ Commercial production company located in Meat Packing. 

Previously: the creative editor and content creator having worked with several brands including INSPR , Saint Luna Spirits, Berenice (Paris) Official. 


With her background in acting, broadcast, filmmaking, and modeling, she is a passionate storyteller, offering perspective from both sides of the lens. 


With a BFA in Musical Theatre Performance from The University of Oklahoma, Sofia currently creates in NYC.  Films currently in Post Production are (Blueberry Hall 2016, and Gosnell America's Biggest Serial Killer.)  IMDB. 


Sofia is extremely passionate about developing a supportive community for creatives to thrive on the support, love, and resources of a unified community.  



Calley is an actor, singer, and model with over 20 years of experience.


Calley’s previous acting credits include As You Like It, Hamlet, and A Midsummer Night’s Dream in Holyhead, North Wales; feature films include Cowgirls N’ Angels, Pearl (2012), and The Grey Man; as well as numerous Voiceover, Commercial, and Print campaigns.


Calley also has completed the minimum Teacher Certifications as required by the OHFS and New York State.


Calley’s mission is to bring the accessibility of performance to the younger generation. Their professional experience and familiarity with childhood development and youth theater programs provides them with a unique touch in arts education. 

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